Boost Sales by Unveiling
Property Potential

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Let clients design their future home
on your website.

PropGenie’s AI Wand offers your clients the ability to modify rooms, gardens, and exteriors in real-time. This functionality serves as a powerful sales tool by revealing the full potential of each property. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly into your website in just minutes.

Endless possibilities
AI Imagines, Everyone Loves.


PropGenie’s AI Wand revolutionizes property visualization with its AI-powered wand. With just a click, your clients can customize property images to their liking, all while staying on your seamlessly integrated website.

1 . AI-Wand:

Clients simply click the wand icon under their chosen image to open a control panel for customization.

2 . Style Choices:

Clients can select from various styles like modern, minimalistic, or contemporary and click ‘Render’.

Frequently Asked for, THE Wand.

GenieWand  works by embedding a widget into your property listings on your website. When a user clicks on this widget, they can virtually redecorate the room—change wall colors, swap furniture, and more—directly within the browser.

  1. Enhance user engagement on your listings
  2. Increase lead conversion rates
  3. Offer value-add to your clients
  4. Reduce time-to-sale by helping potential buyers visualize their future home.

Not at all! GenieDesign is designed to easily integrate with most estate agency platforms. Our tech team will assist you in the smooth implementation of the tool into your existing website.

Yes, the Wand’s user interface can be customized to align with your agency’s branding guidelines.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription with a 30-day notice. However, we’re confident you won’t need to!

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